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No. 83                 Quarterly Publication of EACES             September 2017




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Message from the President


Dear EACES members,


After a – hopefully – restful, longer or shorter summer break now everybody is back to work at the EACES board as well. One of the main areas of our activities at present is that of the reshuffling of the EACES journal. As I have already mentioned in my last message, a small committee was appointed by the EACES board (the members of the committee are David Kemme, Jürgen Jerger, Marcello Signorelli and Magdolna Sass) at the last board meeting in June 2017 in St. Petersburg. This committee is already working on the reorganisation and restructuring of the association’s journal, the European Journal of Comparative Economics. The main aim would be to make it more attractive for authors who are producing high quality articles. Ideas, comments and suggestions concerning the possible ways for the reshuffling of the journal are welcome from the members of the association. Please, email them to David Kemme ( We are planning a meeting with the present editors of the journal inthe near future in order to proceed further and find solutions acceptable to everyone.


There has also been considerable progress in organising the next biennial EACES conference. It will take place in the first week of September 2018 and the host will be the Warsaw School of Economics. Thanks to the efforts of the organising committee, and mainly of Hartmut Lehmann, we are on good track now and we are sure that this 15th, jubilarian conference will be a real success.


EACES is happy to support other events as well, we can provide some financial support to conferences, workshops etc. We hope to receive many requests in this area in the remaining few months of 2017 and in the coming year.

Last but not least, another technical item on the EACES agenda is that of the renewal of the website. We are working on it, and the renewed and redesigned website of the association with many new features will be ready and working before the end of the year.




Magdolna Sass

EACES President



2. call for papers










10th FIW Research Conference on International Economics





Web page:



Economic Systems on ScienceDirect(Opens new window)

Vol. 41 (3) 2017



Can migration reduce civil conflicts as an antidote to rent-seeking?

Pages 333-353

Ismael Issifou


Firm-level determinants of tax evasion in transition economies

Pages 354-366

Lumir Abdixhiku, Besnik Krasniqi, Geoff Pugh, Iraj Hashi


Determinants of discretionary fiscal policy in Central and Eastern Europe

Pages 367-378

Milojko Arsic, Aleksandra Nojkovic, Sasa Randjelovic


Uncertainty shocks, central bank characteristics and business cycles

Pages 379-388

Secil Yıldırım-Karaman


Finance-neutral potential output: An evaluation in an emerging market monetary policy context

Pages 389-407

J. Sebastián Amador-Torres


Fiscal forecasting performance in an emerging economy: An empirical assessment of Brazil

Pages 408-419

Joseph David Barroso Vasconcelos de Deus, Helder Ferreira de Mendonça


Institutional versus non-institutional credit to agricultural households in India: Evidence on impact from a national farmers’ survey

Pages 420-432

Anjani Kumar, Ashok K. Mishra, Sunil Saroj, P.K. Joshi


Economic growth, volatility and their interaction: What’s the role of finance?

Pages 433-444

Sergio H.R. da Silva, Benjamin M. Tabak, Daniel O. Cajueiro, Dimas M. Fazio


Tradable and non-tradable expenditure and aggregate demand for imports in an emerging market economy

Pages 445-455

Öner Günçavdı, Burç Ülengin


Charitable donations by China’s private enterprises

Pages 456-469                

Björn Gustafsson, Xiuna Yang, Gang Shuge, Dai Jianzhong





Post Communist Economies

Web page:



Volume 29, Issue 4, 2017






The Russian Budget


Russian federal budget formation: introduction

Pages: 449-456

Stephen Fortescue


The social budget policy process in Russia at a time of crisis

Pages: 457-475

Marina Khmelnitskaya


The Russian budgetary process and defence: finding the ‘golden mean’

Pages: 476-490

Julian Cooper


Russian experts: missing actors of the budget process

Pages: 491-504

Lev Jakobson


Amending budget bills in the Russian State Duma

Pages: 505-522

Ben Noble


The role of the executive in Russian budget formation

Pages: 523-537

Stephen Fortescue


The cul-de-sac of foreign industrial investments to Russia

Pages: 538-548

Igor GurkovAlexandra Kokorina & Zokirzhon Saidov


Gazprom and the complexity of the EU gas market: a strategy to define

Pages: 549-564

Sadek Boussena & Catherine Locatelli





Comparative Economic Studies


Web page:

Volume 59, Issue 3, 2017






Exogenous Resource Shocks and Economic Freedom

Pages: 243-260

Colin O’Reilly & Ryan H. Murphy


The Iron Rice Bowl: Chinese Living Standards 1952–1978


Lein-Lein Chen & John Devereux


The Impact of the Exchange Rate and Trade Composition on China’s Trade Balance Vis-à-Vis Selected Partner Countries

Pages: 311-344

Biswajit Banerjee & Haiyan Shi & Jan Radovan & Yingying Sheng & Xin Li


Tariff-Induced (De)industrialization: An Empirical Analysis

Pages: 345-381

Marjan Petreski & Branimir Jovanovic & Igor Velickovski


The Effects of Economic Integration on Croatian Merchandise Trade: A Gravity Model Study

Pages: 382-404

Nina Ranilović


Market Socialism and Community Rating in Health Insurance

Pages: 405-427

Frech & Peter Zweifel






Web page:

      Volume 29, Issue 4, 2017


Female Labour Force Participation in Turkey: The Role of Traditionalism

Pages: 675-706

Burak Sencer Atasoy


The Battle of Ideas About Global Poverty in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Flanders

Pages: 707-724

Mirjam Vossen & Baldwin Gorp


Evaluating the BDS Providers and MSMEs: Challenges and Strategic Actions

Pages: 725-744

Sandeep Goyal & Bruno S. Sergi & Amit Kapoor


Analysis of Consumer Preference for Vitamin A-Fortified Sugar in Kenya

Pages: 745-768

Kennedy Otieno Pambo & David Jakinda Otieno & Julius Juma Okello


Aid and Its Impact on the Donor’s Export Industry: The Dutch Case

Pages: 769-786

Inma Martínez-Zarzoso & F. D. Nowak-Lehmann & S. Klasen


Mobile Populations in Immobile Welfare Systems: A Typology of Institutions Providing Social Welfare and Protection Within a Mobility Framework

Pages: 787-805

Ester Serra Mingot & Valentina Mazzucato


How African Households Shop: Evidence from Dairy Chains in Ethiopia

Pages: 806-826

Alemayehu Dekeba Bekele & Joost Beuving & Ruerd Ruben


Diseases of the Rich? The Social Patterning of Hypertension in Six Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Pages: 827-842

Peter Lloyd-Sherlock & Nadia Minicuci & Barbara Corso & John Beard & Somnath Chatterji & Shah Ebrahim


Aid Effectiveness and Multilevel Governance: The Case of a Value Chain Development Project in Rural Ethiopia

Pages: 843-865

Mario Biggeri & Federico Ciani & Andrea Ferrannini


Determinants of the Productivity of Teff in Ethiopia

Pages: 866-892

Getu Hailu & Alfons Weersink & Bart Minten


Fashioning the Future: Entrepreneuring in Africa’s Emerging Fashion Industry

Pages: 893-910

Thilde Langevang


Global Law and Sustainable Development: Change and the “Developing–Developed Country” Terminology

Pages: 911-925

Rostam J. Neuwirth


The Changing Place of Development in EU–Asia Relations

Pages: 926-941

Mathew Doidge


The City in Urban Poverty

Pages: 942-944

David Castells-Quintana




Web page:

ekonomski anali 213 3DVol. LXII, No. 213, 2017



An Empirical Analysis of Indian Business Cycle Dynamics

Pages: 7 -26

Rajendra N. Paramanik and Bandi Kamaiah


The Impact of Public Debt on The Twin Imbalances in Europe: A Threshold Model

Pages: 27-44

Veronika Šuliková and Anna Tykhonenko


The Role of Remittances in the Stability of Money Demand in Pakistan: A Cointegration Analysis

Pages: 45-66

Niaz Hussain Ghumro and Mohd Zaini Abd Karim


Organizational Models as Configurations of Structure, Culture, Leadership, Control, and Change Strategy


Nebojša Janićijević


Spatial Agglomeration and Economic Development with the Inclusion of Interregional Tourism

Pages: 93-128

Wei-Bin Zhang



Web page:



Vol. 19, No. 1, 2017




Market Economies of the Western Balkans Compared to the Central and Eastern European Model of Capitalism 

Pages: 5-36

Beáta Farkas 
Original scientific paper


The Determinants of Country Risk Premium Volatility: Evidence from a Panel VAR Model

Pages: 37-66

Petra Palić, Petra Posedel Šimović, and Maruška Vizek 
Original scientific paper


Strategic Management Tools and Techniques: A Comparative Analysis of Empirical Studies 

Pages: 67-99

Albana Berisha Qehaja, Enver Kutllovci, and Justina Shiroka Pula 
Review article








Managing Board

Magdolna Sass



Institute for Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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Head of Research Group on Development Economics

Institute of World Economics,

Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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Jens Hölscher



Head of Department

Accounting, Finance & Economics

The Business School, Bournemouth University

Executive Business Centre

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Other Members of the Executive Committee

(Alphabetical order by family name)


David M. Kemme

EC Member


William N. Morris Chair of Excellence
Fogelman College of Business & Economics
The University of Memphis 
3675 Central Avenue, Office BA 405 
Memphis, TN   38152 
Tel: +1-901-678-5408


Michael Keren

EC Member


Department of Economics                           

Hebrew University                            

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Hartmut Lehmann

EC Member


Department of Economics

University of Bologna

Strada Maggiore 45

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Satoshi Mizobata

EC Member


Institute of Economic Research,

Kyoto University

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Japan 6068501

Tel: +81-75-753-7144




Martin Myant

EC Member

European Trade Union Institute

Bd du Roi Albert II, 5

1210 Brussels


Jan Svejnar

EC Member

School of International and Public Affairs

Columbia University

420 W. 118th Street

New York, NY 10027





EC Member

Department of Economics, Finance and Statistics

Via Pascoli 20

University of Perugia, 06123 Perugia, Italy

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EC Member

University of Tartu

Institute of Economics

Narva 4, 51009 Tartu


Tel: +372-737-6361   Fax: +372-737-6327



Andrei Yakovlev

EC Member

University - Higher School of Economics

Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

Slavyanskayapl 4, bldg 2,

Moscow 109074, Russia    

Tel.: +7-495-6288649



Members of the Advisory Board 






University of Paris 1-Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne

Will Bartlett

London School of Economics and Political Science

Laszlo Csaba

Central European University, Budapest

Bruno Dallago

Università di Trento, Department of Economics

Daniel Daianu

The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

Jens Hölscher

Bournemouth University, England

Mario Nuti

London Business School

Marcello Signorelli

Department of Economics, University of Perugia


Department of Economics, University of Perugia

Vittorio Valli

Università di Torino, Dept. Economia

Hans-Jürgen Wagener

Europa UniversitaetViadrina, Frankfurt/Oder


Aston University

Saul Estrin

London School of Economics


Honorary Members:


Ronald Dore

Gregory Grossman

Michael Kaser


Marie Lavigne

Angus Maddison0301

Domenico Mario Nuti


Horst Brezinski


Ex – Officio Member

Michael Keren

Hebrew University

Department of Economics

Naphtali Bldg. Scopus Campus, 91905 Jerusalem (Israel)

Tel: +972-26528521; Fax: 972-2-5816071



This 82ndissue of the EACES newsletter begins with presidential message that presents the progress in reshuffling of the association’s journal: the European Journal of Comparative Economics. A small committee appointed by the EACES board at the last board meeting in June 2017 in St. Petersburg is working on the reorganisation and restructuring of the journal. The major objective of this restructuring would be to make it more attractive for authors who are producing high quality articles. EACES board is planning a meeting with the present editors of the journal in the near future in order to proceed further and find solutions acceptable to everyone.


Preparation for the Crystal Jubilee (15th) biennial conference of EACES is under way to be held in Warsaw School of Economics during the first week of September 2018. The local organising committee is already on board. In addition to the regular biennial conferences, interest is grooming in organising several events promoting the study and research on economic transition and transformation. As the association has been developing as a thriving and vibrant forum, the improvement in its website has become a part and parcel of the changing need of the association.


A conference on the changing role of the state in the economy is going to be held in the School of Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest on 18th February 2018. The conference will be a significant event as it will honour the ninetieth birthday of Janos Kornai on one hand and the thematic discussion of his research on the changing role of the state will be the major agenda of discussion in the conference on the other. Section 2 of this newsletter presents the call for papers in a wide range of disciplines in this regard: soft budget constraints, “island of shortage” within surplus economies, transition, economic institutions, economic development, capitalist and socialist systems, varieties of capitalism, continuing the anti-equilibrium, China’a economic and political systems, economic and political centralizations, trust, and innovation.   


Section 3 presents the reminder regarding the forthcoming conference. This section specifically provides information on 10th FIW Research Conference on International Economics to be held at Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU) in 9th and 10th November 2017. The main objective of the conference is to work as a forum of institutional economists, promote the research of young scholars, PhD researchers, and post-graduate students. More specifically, the conference will promote the collaboration of the institutional economists in Austria and the neighbouring countries. Moreover, the conference also associates the best Conference Paper Award 2017 and Young Economists Award 2017.


Section 4  provides information regarding recent publications some journals associated with comparative economic studies, more specifically that of Economic Systems, Post-communist Economies, Comparative Economic Studies, European Journal of Development Research, Economic Annals, and Croatian Economic Survey.


We welcome any comment/suggestion for the improvement of the newsletter. The submissions are requested to deliver in the form of (preferably) electronic copy or hard copy of the Microsoft Word file to the editor:


Sanjaya Acharya


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