16th European Association for Comparative Economic Studies Conference Naples, Italy 10-12 September 2020

The 16th Biannual Conference of EACES will be held in Naples, Italy, on 10-12 September 2020, hosted by Parthenope University, Naples. To guide prospective authors and participants, the main conference theme is:

 “Thirty Years after the Fall of the Iron Curtain: Transition and Convergence”

The collapse of the centrally planned economies in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Union and the profound reforms of the Chinese economy have changed the social, political and economic landscape of the world in a fundamental way. All of the former centrally planned economies embarked on a journey of transition and convergence towards developed market economies. It strikes us, therefore, as interesting to take stock of the transition and convergence processes that played out in a very heterogeneous fashion across the transition region.

How did the transition to economies where markets dominate develop and how heterogeneous was convergence, broadly understood, across the post-Communist space? Why after 30 years is the catching up process still not completed and why are there great differences between CEE and post-Soviet countries regarding integration into the world economy? How did systemic change proceed in these last three decades having in mind mainly labor markets, financial markets, institutions in general and a legal framework conducive to entrepreneurial activity? These are some of the questions that might help us understand better the achievements and the disappointments of post-transition societies and their governments. Additionally, challenges to globalization and the environment remain while new challenges to international economic and security institutions arise.

A comparative perspective is essential to understand how workers, firms and governments adjusted to the economic shocks that occurred during transition, challenges that remain and new challenges that lie ahead. A systemic approach provides essential perspective as individual economies had made varying degrees of progress in the transition process and will be differentially affected by challenges on the horizon.

The scientific committee invites proposals for papers (abstracts up to 250 words) and panels (session topic and abstracts for 3-5 papers), reflecting current and ongoing research on any facet of the broad theme above. However, topics of inquiry and presentations at the conference will not be limited to this topic, and we encourage proposals for papers and panels of papers on any theme of comparative economics including socio-economic, sociological, historical and political topics. Therefore work from cognate disciplines and methods is also welcome. Proposals can be uploaded via our conference website www.eacesconference.eu. The deadline for abstract and panel submission is 30th of April, 2020.


One plenary speaker is Professor Thomas Dohmen (University of Bonn and IZA) who will discuss how behavioral economics can shed light on the structure and the drivers of preferences in a global comparative perspective.

The second plenary speaker is Professor Giovanni Dosi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – University of Pisa) who will speak on the wage-productivity nexus in a globalized world.

The conference will also host a “Meet the editors” session, where representatives of journals dealing with comparative economics and development issues will be present, including editors of Economic Systems and of the IZA Journal of Development and Migration.

Local organizers

The Department of Business and Economic Studies (DiSAE) of the University of Naples Parthenope has a strong tradition for high quality research in the field of economics and business. The research activities carried out in the department concern theoretical and empirical aspects, analyzing enterprises and their interactions with institutions in different markets and different social and economic contexts. The main research fields include: Macroeconomics, International Economics and Development Economics; Microeconomics, Industrial Economics and Institutional Economics; Finance; Quantitative methods for economics; Accounting and Accounting History; Management, Strategy and Business Organization; Organization theory and human resources management; Informative systems; European law, competition law and banking law.

Local organization committee: Floro Ernesto Caroleo (co-lead) and Francesco Pastore (Board member of EACES and co-lead); Rosaria Rita Canale, Rita De Siano, Damiano Fiorillo, Claudio Quintano, Antonella Rocca, Alessandro Sapio.

Important dates

  • Deadline for submission of individual abstracts or suggestions for panels: April 30th, 2020; please note: There will be no further extension of the deadline. You are very welcome, however, to submit your abstracts and suggestions earlier.
  • You will be notified about the acceptance of the paper/panel no later than May 29th 2020;
  • Online registration: starting from early July 2020;
  • Deadline for submission of full papers: August 28th, 2020;
  • Deadline for submission doctoral dissertation for EACES Award 2020: April 30th, 2020; the winner will be notified no later than June 30th, 2020.

Conference fees

  • Senior researchers: 195 EUR + EACES 2-year membership of 50 EUR for early bird (before 20th of July 2020) and 245 EUR + 50 EUR membership after the 20th of July;
  • PhD students: 100 EUR + 30 EUR 2-year membership before the 20th of July and 125 + 30 EUR afterwards.