3rd workshop in cooperation with the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies

Supported by the project EFOP-3.6.2-16-2017-00007 “Aspects on the development of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive society: social, technological, innovation networks in employment and digital economy”

5-6 April 2019

Szeged, Hungary

Industrial competitiveness, expected and ongoing technological changes – labelled as the 4th industrial revolution  ̶  are in the focus of the EU agenda. Even if future scenarios are surrounded by considerable uncertainty, some crucial factors can be identified, e.g. the increasing importance of innovation and education systems. In these fields there are substantial differences between the more developed North-western and the less developed Mediterranean, Central and Eastern European countries. Moreover, the differences in economic structures and the level of industrialization mean different starting positions in forthcoming European and global competition.

We call for papers which address the questions of readiness for the 4th industrial revolution in the European Union in the following topics:

  • de- and reindustrialization processes,
  • new business models,
  • governmental policy toolkit for supporting industrial changes.

Further information: Call for papers.

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